Honouring M.E.

Providing you with crochet patterns and products.

About Us

Seona Roberts,

store owner

I taught myself to crochet in August 2016 in honour of my Grannie, Mabel Eileen. I have fallen in love with crochet and I’m passionate about creating new things, adapting patterns to make them unique to me and I’m venturing out into the world by creating my own patterns too. This shop is to further honour my Grannie and share my love of crochet with as many people as possible by making patterns and crochet items available to everyone.

I hope you’ll follow me on this journey…and join me in my mission to bring a unique and modern vibe to the world of crochet. I have a vision to lead others into learning the craft and to encourage them to bring their own style into the items they make. I will do this by providing versatile patterns, that I love and that represent me and my unique, yet elegant and timeless style.